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6th EGO meeting and Final Symposium of the COST Action ES0904

The EGO COST Action will end in July 2014 and a final symposium will be held from 16th to 17th of June 2014 to give us the opportunity to review the Action. As for the past meetings, this symposium is in conjunction with a meeting of the EGO (Everyone's Gliding observatory) group. A flyer for the meeting announcement has been produced - to be distributed to interested colleagues:

A website for registration and abstract submission can be found at:


The COST Action ES0904 can support the organization of meetings dedicated to our glider activity and the attendance to 'external' meetings. Meetings are part of the COST tools and must generally be held in COST countries from the partners of the Action, or at the COST office in Brussels (Belgium).

COST Action ES0904 WG meetings - Call for applications 2013

The Action can support a meeting organized in the framework of a Working Goup with reimbursements for travel and subsistence to the Action participants and a limited number (max 5) of invited external experts. There is also some support available for local organization.

  • The first deadline for applications is 28th February 2013. The second one will likely be on 15th August 2013.
  • Applications have to be submitted by email to the Chair of the Action before the deadline of the call and must contain the following information:
    1. Personal data of organizers
    2. Short description of the envisaged meeting and its relevance to our COST Action (~200-300 words)
    3. Location and dates
    4. Draft list of participants
    5. Estimates of costs
    6. Requested support for local organization
  • The proposal will be first discussed by the Core Group and WG leaders before it is forwarded to the MC for approval.
  • The approval of a meeting will be sent to the local organizer via email. At this point, a list of individuals must be provided to the Grant Holder in order to invite them using the e-cost system. All supported participants will have to register there to provide securely their bank information in order to be reimbursed. Before the meeting, the organizer will also have to provide the host institution bank account information through e-cost in order to get support for the local organization.
  • The Action will end in July 2014. Meetings have to be carried out before. Reimbursement will be made up to 1 month after the meeting but a short scientific report (or minutes) on the meeting must be supplied by the organizer beforehand to the Chair of the Action.
  • Note that attendance to meetings organized in a partners' non-COST countries can be supported, but to a very limited extent in the framework of STSMs.

ESSEM ESR grants - Call for applications 2013

The ESSEM DC in its meeting has recently decided upon the three next collecting dates for applications of ESR (Early Stage Researcher, PhD student or researcher less than PhD + 8 years) to get an ESSEM Grant to represent our Action in an international conference held within the period of 2 June 2013 – 31 May 2014. The maximum amount of one Grant is 3000 €. This Grant is in addition to our Action budget. The next collecting date is: 15th March 2013.

  • Applications for the ESSEM Grant should follow the assessment criteria, be submitted to the Chair of the Action and contain the following information:
    1. Personal data of applicant
    2. Short description of involvement in the respective COST Action (300 words)
    3. Relevant data on Conference at which the applicant wants to participate
    4. Copy of Abstract submitted to the Conference
    5. Proof of acceptance of Abstract by the Conference (oral presentation)
  • Please provide also an estimation/calculation of costs.
    1. Date of departure from home country
    2. Date of return to country
    3. Flight costs
    4. Other travel costs (train, car)
    5. Number of nights
    6. Registration fees

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